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    1. while were at it , lets give all lotery buyers a fully automated 50.000.000 volt jolt when they receive their lotery tickets

      That would upgrade our dna pool a lot

  1. worst of all the person failed to make sense

    “why are there school?”
    “is a point to it?”

    where is this person at so i can give him/her a super smack!

  2. …they both have typographical errors in their posts. Both the original poster and the replyer fucked up. Great job!

    1. Actually, they are grammatical errors, not “grammar errors.” Second, the response shown did contain grammatical errors as well. It should read: “Questions like these make me cry.”

    2. Actually. You are wrong theodikus. He was referring to the singular question which the proper grammar would be “this” instead of “these” which refers to a group.

    1. Speaking of typographical errors. Lmao. Just kidding, it’s all good.

      Seriously, though. This is effing retarded.

    1. yes… it makes us both just dye a little inside if you are wondering why i am home at this hour im sick from school with the flu

    2. nadia…..if you are talking about grammatical errors please…at least know what you are talking about. “it makes us both just DYE”…really???

  3. The universe is not infinite. It had a start and it will have an end. Hopefully, that end will be soon, because you are correct about human stupidity being infinite.

  4. You’re all a bunch of mindless fucks!
    Learn your grammar, you stupid redneck failures.

    “Hee r gremertikly currekt.”
    Shut the fuck up, Ummmhello.

  5. Well acculy some schools are realy shit and doesnt teach anything maybe he says for that.

    Personal Training better than school for sure.

  6. why would you think its fake? its probably some dumbass twelve year old that plays cod all damn day and crys because school(which he obviously needs) takes time out of it

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