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  1. ok this dude sucks he’d rather spoon is bike than the girl? i wonder then, is the bike that better looking than the girl or is he just that gay a douchbag?

    1. It’s obviously a staged photo Douch. Anyways, girls are free, bikes cost $$$. Priorities. You’re obviously a virgin 15 year old that can’t score any biscuits.

    1. “girl like this” you don’t even know her/ seen her face!! haha you sound like a fuckin virgin!

    2. hey i concur ANY woman willing to sleep outside for her boyfriends bike…damn…that’s a girlfriend right there..i would have exploded and ripped his nuts off like a rabid spider monkey if my bf told me to sleep outside. props for her, total bf fail.

    3. I agree.. regardless of how a girl looks like, it’s part of politeness and shivery to treat her with respect. however that pic surely says alot

  2. That’s messed… I thought the fail was that he didn’t have a home until I saw the tags at the bottom of the picture.

    1. I bet he’s had one of his previous bikes stolen in a similar circumstance when he made the mistake to let it outside…

      I wonder what’s behind that tree in the background, perhaps there are more tents near this one.

      And I guess it was her decision to stay outside, she needs more air…

      Funny, anyway

  3. She has a much nicer seat than the bike. What a douche. And if you spend so much on a bike that you have to guard it, then you’re an even bigger douche, and one that needs to grow up and leave children’s toys behind.

  4. I think this is a set up, like she was dragged in her sleep, and someone put a bicycle in his arms while he’s asleep, and then took the picture.

  5. I think you people are epic failures… Those who degrade the female in the picture are obviously in need of attention, otherwise, you have a serious lack of respect for others. Just remember, you were put on this planet by a woman and if you don’t appreciate that, just do us all a favor and hang yourself, immediately. For the rest, it’s a picture… staged.. I mean, who really sleeps during the day while camping – nevermind the bike, and he doesn’t even have a pillow.. It’s funny.

    1. hmm your an idoit who takes thing to seriously oh and ever think to could have been in the morning? think before you say shit i think its staged to but you have no proof to that

  6. What is it with the average population and the gay bashing. I do understand to a certain extent that it is funny but I’m rather concerned about the connotations.

  7. I don’t care what the thin blonde looks like…her slim ass would be naked, sticky and plugged in all night!

  8. My brother knows the guy and the whole thing was a setup by the couple in the picture just for fun! Don’t take everything you see so seriously… This picture is even cropped from the original one. I could agree though, that without knowing the context some people could be offended…

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