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  1. There’s something eerie about this picture. I hope they didn’t die. You can see them bracing against the glass for impact. =/

    1. If it was rollin chrome 23’s and said Caddy on the grill, your ass would be right there with them brotha

    1. you dont see black pilots cuz welfare dont pay for pilot’s school. face the facts. black people are the racist ones. you gotta have your own tv channel, you gotta have your “Freedom Friday” ball, etc. What if we made a White Entertainment Television, or what if we had a Slavery Saturday ball? THEN you could MAYBE say we’re racist. go crawl in a giant tupperware dish and seal the lid behind you.

    2. I agree with MyTaxes- Black people are always the first to assume all white people are racist, & pull out the damn race card. Assuming that all white people are racist against you, JUST BECAUSE we’re white, or as you call us, “crackas” is RACIST. Stop playing the damn victims. White people can’t do a god damn thing involving black people in any way, because we’ll be called racists. It’s fucking ridiculous. Yeah, there’s the KKK & Nazis, but they don’t represent every fucking white person on the planet.

  2. They weren’t landing, they didnt die(probably). this airplane is a taildragger like the P52 mustang, meaning one wheel in the back, and two up front, the main gear (two up front) have differential brakes on them, and if applied too hard at too high of a speed, will lock the wheels and put the plan on its nose. they didnt crash into the ground like this…. they landed, it was probably a student pilot that was acting as PIC(pilot in command) to learn how to fly these and get his certifcation. it happens alot…. common rookie mistake, yes, still a fail, definately, a reason to complain and hypothesise about people dying, no, and for that, you get an “assumption fail”…..and if you want credibility, i am a pilot at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, meaning i am goign to college to be a pilot….there are PLENTY of black pilots, just none of them are as ignorant as the one who posted beforehand… and as for my takes pay your bills, i agree wholeheartedly.

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