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    1. She was drunk as hell… LMAO… She failed so many time… One with the dance, she sucks at it.. So FAIL! Two she git in a glass table…. So FAIL,Three her head pooped the ceiling title off, also FAIL. And then she fell through he table EPIC FAIL. LOL…

  1. …Geez…I though that bitch was never going to fall down, I almost stopped the video, but then she finally got what she deserved….

  2. I hate the song, and it`s even more annoying the we she does it, with that fucking stupid voice, serves you right..fucking house hop.. A

  3. I was there. She did die, actually. The shards of glass went into both her rectum and stomach and she bled to death right there before the paramedics could arrive.

  4. At first I thought the fail was there where she bumped her head into the ceiling. I was disappointed for a short time, until her falling through the table made my day lol

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