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    1. lol one to many coffey shop visits wink wink nudg nudg say no more del boy…say no more

    1. exactly what I was going to say.
      Lack of reflection. And, as Trizz said, he’s smiling. Pretty sure I’d be freaking out if I were going to do that!

    2. This is not a fake, let me explain:
      Hes a vampire, that would explain why there is no reflection in the water.
      He doesnt know how to react to a fearful, surprised, or bad situation. This explains the smile.
      He is a saint, that explains the glowing around his body.

  1. This is entirely real, but entirely set up. This was the very dramatic opening sequence to a Dutch pornographic film. Turn out the film was so poor that the only way of advertising it was from this picture! So funny though!!!

    1. I’ll give you 5 points for originality, but that’s still clearly bullshit. The movie was so bad that they had to advertise it using a still picture of a guy on a bicycle about to go into the water with no text on it at all? How the fuck does any of that make any kind of sense?

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