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    1. with all the photoshopping going on reality and fantasy are almost interchangeable: theses trees are real but on a fantasy scale 🙂

    1. yeah i was thinking that you can tottaly tell tho coz there is towels on the balcony, I mean, if that was real how could people get there to put their stuff on it??

  1. ummm…this pic has to be photoshopped! otherwise, how could a towel get on the third floor balcony and a planter on the 2nd floor balcony?

  2. it’s a miniature by an german artist
    i’m from germany and they showed this picture on TV and checked if it was real but it’ a miniature

  3. This is the Super Climbers Apartment. They put the balconies with towels over there just to hack the tenants off. The current tenants are: Lara Croft, Altair, Ezio Auditore, Nathan Drake, and Sam Fisher.

  4. Apparently nobody pays attention to the people who have said “it was on the news, it’s a miniature built by a Russian artist.” And to the people saying “it can’t be a miniature, it’s got decorations and curtains in the suites.” Detail is everything and even as a miniature you gotta built ground up, however, you do the decorating along the way. Deatail is everything now a days.

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