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    1. Wow, Bryant, You think? Could that actually be what the church was referring to? You, Sir, are a moron.

    2. muslim = terrorist
      terrorist = asshole
      asshole = no internet
      no internet= does not exist
      so…the muslim terrorist asshole w/no internet does not exist.

    1. It means that you important thing in life is when you are on your knees praying. It all depends on what is going on in your own life and how you receive the message he was portraying

    1. Ummm… You’re an idiot. You see marquees set up like this in front of churches all the time. It’s humorous when taken out of context.

    2. seriously dude, just fuckin enjoy the post and stop worrying if its fake or not. People claiming that something is fake is getting really annoying round here. Besides if its fake ppl can notice it, but thanks for pointing this one out captain obvious, I cant wait to see when you’ll strike again.

  1. Actually, Churches do this kind of advertising on purpose… for a few reasons… to make people take a second look… for those who claim to be Christian to see if they get bad thoughts… and mostly because even churches have a sense of humor, and want to portray that to potential new members

  2. when ill strike again? lol thats funny, FAKE!! douchebag..if youre so worried about just enjoying the post why do you even read the damn comments..and then futhermore comment on something that someone else said rather than the freakin picture itself..youre a tard and you sir can slowly suck my saucebag…ty

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