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    1. that 2 [sarcasm] was wrote, fail. and now there is 3 sub comments…dammit…double fail!

  1. There’s a big chance it was an alcoholic bum who broke into the house looking for booze and money.
    They drink any alcohol they can find, including aftershave, cologne and mouthwash. I’ve even heard of them drinking brake fluid.

  2. Sooo wait, this person broke the lock on your GLASS door, wth for. Break the door would have been what I’d have done, and I would have deffinitly have stolen your aftershave, cause thats what girls do….

  3. haha wait till he waked up the nextmorning.. hes gona realize he had abig screen TV, a box of gold, and a bunch of credit cards missing lol

  4. HAHA WARREN! it’s a suburb of Detroit, for those who don’t know. and despite the crime in the D, its surrounding suburbs are really calm and safe, as you can see.

  5. He called the police *because* his home was broken into, not simply because of the missing aftershave. Hardly funny, or a fail.

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