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    1. It’s kind of silly, though. Almost every skater I see just HAS to hit their board against something in a fit of rage. Is that the cool thing amongst skaters? To be angry? Someone should tell them that they’re not Eric Koston.

  1. He should sell his skateboard and buy a shirt.
    At least he can’t break his face by hitting his shirt against something.
    Skaters suck.

    1. Hey fuck you then im a skater and you just earned yourself a skate board to the fuckin face By the one and only Chuck Norris

    2. this made me laugh till tears ran down my face in fact im still laughing. epic comment win lol

  2. WOW, i got called in today (monday) to work another 12hour shift (nights) after working friday, saturday, and sunday… and i i just wanna say “thank you.” you just made my miserable life tonight a little better!!!

  3. I was so sure he was gonna punch the camera man for laughing!!! Not sure he was okay if he didn’t… hope he didn’t suffer a concussion or something!!

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