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    1. wow…lommax fail. That is a guy. He’s taking an upskirt picture of the girl next to him and thinks it’s not obvious.

    2. Wow, Bleh, fail. Lommax is talking about the girl next to the guy taking the picture. Lommax thinks the girl is actually a guy.

    3. How about a picture fail?, forget the comment fail… Does this loser not have a computer or internet to surf for porn?? How much are you actually gonna see for these upskirts pics anyways? OOooooh OOOoooh Hope I see a slit this time!! Omg… Are ya that hard-up buddy? get yourself a subscription to National Geographic & get your spank-on happenin if you seriously got nothin else. What a fuckin’ loser. 😉

    4. I agree with happy camper, this is one depraved mo’fo! If I was there when this was happening I would’ve yelled ‘PERVERT’ SO F**KIN LOUD!
      And even if that is a lady, who’s to say the picture wouldn’t be all dark and distorted.

  1. When are women going to learn to stop wearing such skimpy skirts. I mean, come on! It’s common sense how perverted men are!

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