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    1. this is faked, even when she is in a different proximity to the microphone the sound remains at a constant level and has the same frequency distribution.

      translation= when the mic is farther away from the sound, the treble and bass should sound lower. those honks don’t have any of that so it was dubbed in, and quite poorly imo.

    2. that’s very technical and all.. but you don’t notice the mic on her shirt? comment fail:(

    3. Yeah but more obviously why would someone record themselves shopping. Totally staged–another one of those fail attempts at getting on a funny home video show.

  1. I think someone added the laugh onto the audio. It doesn’t sound real to me plus everyone would be cracking up. *FAKE*

    1. she doesn’t even look like she’s laughing that hard in some parts. she wouldn’t be making the same exact noise with the same pitch and whatnot.

  2. Thats the sound air makes on her throath when she tries to breath while she is laughing, i have heard similar laughs like this one and worse lol

  3. Gayly sings the donkey as she goes to grass, if you do not see her you will hear her laugh, heehaw heehaw heehawheehawheehaw…. LOL

    1. fuck you and your army, we don`t have respect for you and your buddy`s. fuck you overrated soldiers. call in the chopper!!!

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