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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is too easy, and nobody can say this is photoshop, its funny to see words or names from other languages cross over and fail in english.

    1. Yeah this is a true picture. Every light effect and perspective fits pretty well. Actually this a fail in english but for spanish that could be the name of some place.

  2. Hhat you english guys don´t know it´s that bottle comes from a latino country and that label it´s not saying just “gay”, it´s saying that YOU are really really gay (we use SO as Very or really). So in the native languaje it´s even more funny.

    1. Latino is different from Spanish. Learn the difference. It’s only fun in Spain, but not in South America, there the word so it’s not being used.

    1. He’s not idiot. That translation is right. The problem is that the manufacturers are used to use the term “sparkling water”. So you are the idiot with a closed mind.

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