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    1. explain to me how this is a pilot fail? he salvaged the airplane, and saved everyone on board. this is a win…. most pilots would end up in a fiery hell of a wreck. no flames, no fires. this is a win.

    2. The slide is so if you did not get hurt from the landing you will when you hit the rocks

  1. that happened in Cartagena, Colombia. the plane skidded the runway , it had rained a lot, but, you know how the caribean climate is (in the photo looks like a nice day)

  2. the rocks look pretty blunted to me, especially if it was like some sort of crash landing… i would be more worried about some dude shit them selves on the “landing”, and being first off the fuckin plane…

  3. yeah i agree this is a win no one is scraping them off the rocks or pavement id say if anything fail on the air traffic controllers part they probably fell asleep or were too busy watching dvds to pay attention to the plane flying around waiting for the go to land

  4. Here’s an excerpt i found on USA Today on this incident:

    BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — Colombia is considering relocating an airport in the resort town of Santa Marta a day after a passenger plane skidded of a wet runway and into the Caribbean Sea, causing minor injuries to seven people.
    The Brazilian-made Embraer 190 plane operated by Aero Republica was carrying 59 people from Cali when it skidded along the wet tarmac and slid halfway into the water while attempting to land at Simon Bolivar Airport.

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