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  1. Shit, he still made out with $25k. Ain’t even close to a million, but dammit, it’s better than some people make in a year. =/

    1. lol ur a dumbass, yes they all need to go back to school and learn all of the recent presidents’ personal preferences while they were in office. smh :/…u need to take your own advice and not give it to anyone else!!!!

    2. oh jeezeee…yes they all need to go back to school and learn all of the recent presidents’ personal preferences while they were in office. smh :/…u need to take your own advice and not give it to anyone else!!!!

  2. OW! FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!!!! I felt that whole thing like a hot needle being slowly pushed through my left nipple! ARGH The very defeat of it!

    ((sigh)) 25,000 is still damned good though.

  3. Sometimes I wonder why the audience gets so different results. It can impossible be truth that the majority of the audience actually aware what the question is about, and think they know the correct answer, but still manages to get it wrong. For instance, if I had been in the audience, my vote would only have mislead him because I would have to guess on a random answer. But I guess that’s the point, because if only the audience-members who knew the answer voted, asking the audience would be a 100% guarantee to get the correct answer. Or maybe the system works in such a way that audience-members who don’t vote will automatically vote on a random answer?

    Anyway, the difference between what the audience voted was only about 10%, so from a mathematical/rational point of view, he should have stopped, as there was too much uncertainty.

    1. i agree. asking the audience is the worst lifeline. most would be guessing. and then u add the fact that he was young, cocky and sucessful. i wouldnt be surprised if many voted for the wrong answer on purpose!!!

  4. There is justice in the world. I loved watching this smug a-hole fail so miserably. If he wouldn’t have filled the entire 4 minutes with all his pompous douchebaggery then maybe I would have felt bad for him.

    1. yep… 4 minutes of telling the world he went to law school and is a lawyer. Congrats kid, your parents paid your way to harvard!

    why didnt he take the fucking 500k ? OMFG!!!! HOW SUPID WAS THAT? to take a risk when so much is on the line? when u are absolutely not sure what the real answer is!

  6. I believe the title should be “douchebag fail”. What an arrogant little prick this guy was. LMAO at him, you got what you wanted tiger, how does it taste?.

  7. he got greedy. i can’t believe he wagered $975k on a guess, when there was only a 25% chance of getting the answer right.

    1. wow.. stupid.. he didn’t wager 975k u dumbass.. he wagered 500k when he decided to go for the million instead of keeping the 500k… he never wagered 975k because he never had that much to start with..

    1. Playing poker, and answering this answer are too completely different things. Most poker players would of gambled on it for pure thrill. Granted, most of the them don’t need the money any ways. But they bet on anything, and everything.

    2. no shit they are different things, but id still love to play the dumbass in poker, or any other game for that matter. too full of himself to stay level haeded.

    3. I agree with someguy. The reason you would want to play poker is because he doesn’t assess odds well. The size of the potential payout skewed his perspective, and he effectively risked more than even odds with really no idea what the right answer was among four choices. That was a horrible bet, and that tendency, which you could call “greedy”, would make him a very juicy poker opponent.

  8. “maybe I should have gone to business school”

    apparently not moron you just gave someone 475,000 dollars… plus if I was ever your client and I saw this you’re fired.

    1. hahaha the sinking feeling he must have felt. must have been similar to the one i had when i got done for dui last week….. mmm nah, much worse, u can have my licence for much less than half a mil lol

  9. lmao @ dudes reaction after he realizes his big mess up..haha..hope he didn’t off himself tho..he’s still young. but yeah, one cocky kid.

  10. i would’ve have been so pissed there is practically no way to have known the answer to that question i would’ve taken the 500k and gone

    1. I though it was probably Answer A – Frescha. It stands out a mile. Why? Well, for the reason that it was a new and heavily marketed in the mid 60’s by the coca cola company, and was very successful. The other beverages had been around for much, much longer. (A quick wiki search revealed the other three originated from the post WW1 era).

  11. I was on that show a couple of times and the audience does fail. Then again, there’s some questions you can’r ask them, or drop any answers early. That really was an epic fail, though — but I do feel for him.

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