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    1. True that. I can’t believe the people just stood there like. Without training/educating yourself, no one should ever touch a gun.

      Libertarian 4 life.

    2. you do have a point skyliss its not very funny…i dont see how they think thats funny…yeh lets just sit here…and let him do this great plan

    3. This is messed up. I for one wouldn’t be laughing when hes throwing around a killing machine. stupid stupid rednecks always make a fool of themselves.

    1. someone with the name brecky would say that. u can b just drunk enough to be a fucktard and kill yerself and innocent bystanders tho.

  1. A drunken redneck in his underwear using a knife to load a shotgun. Cue the banjos. Failtard is lucky he didn’t blow his foot off and get renamed stumpy.

    I’m sure this Jethro will find a way to shorten his lifespan soon.

  2. The real fail are the jackasses all standing around gawking at’im instead of getting the damned gun away from’im!

    1. Or at least they should have high tailed it out of there if they lacked the balls to confront Jethro.

    1. When all People in america will be shot down by themselves, we will probably get a kewl great country to own.

    2. There is nothing wrong with the 2nd amendment. There however is a problem with letting a drunk play with a loaded shotgun.

    3. America and it’s 2nd ammendment are just fine … actually GUNS ARE FINE TOO!

      Problem is having idiots that allow others or encourage others to do dumb stuff like hold a fking shotty while drunk on underwears and attempting to load it with a knife.

      These noobs are what press and media rely on to ban gun usage… in reality they are only 2% of US population.

      The ones filming should be jailed for allowing/encouraging use of firearms while entoxicated.

    1. Umm yeah we win as long as we have opposable thumbs and the ability to kill monkeys not that i condone monkey killings but if they start to act up ill lay some monkey busters down if i gotta ya know what i mean

  3. Totally disappointed. Cameran man FAIL!! When the Camera man told him that he was too drunk to handle a shot gun he should have removed it from him and given him a vulcan minicannon with 3,000 rounds and told him to pull the trigger while spinning in a circle signing the Barney theme song….. WIN!

    1. true…also even a redneck should be scared of a drunk man with a shotgun using a knive to fire it…not even counting the silly underwear

  4. to bad this is fake. bang is way to small for that size of shot gun (looks to be 12 or 14 guage) there is absolutely no kick back and is there any smoke from the barrel from the burnt powder

  5. they gave him an empty shotgun cause hes drunk as fuck, then someone shot a stupid 22 or something and he got scared and fell on his ass.

  6. Sal /
    August 30, 2009 at 1:52 pm

    This is what’s wrong with the 2nd amendment. Not America.

    2nd Amendment is not the problem. Idiocy is.

  7. yeah the whole “Broken Wings” song in the background made it perfect hahaha nothing says white trash like 80s, beer, and guns all mixed up into a redneck-mullet smoothie for our enjoyment. Even if its a fake the fact that they didnt take a gun, loaded or unloaded, away from the naked drunk redneck = Win for us Fail for them.

  8. in order to shoot a shotgun the slide has to be forward, the chamber was open when the shot went off, water captain called it first tho :p

  9. To the stupid FUCK holding the camera: why are you letting a drunk-ass fucker like that swing around a loaded shotgun? You have no freakin’ respect for your own life or the lives of the dumbasses around there. You should have dropped your camera and tackled that guy with the gun. No other alternative, dipshit!

  10. thats smart, waving a loaded shotgun around while your completely hammered not to mention the fact your friends are 2 foot away from the barrel in each direction, This could have gone horribly wrong 😛

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