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    1. heh.. I didn’t notice, nice catch… I was looking out at the city to try to figure out where it was.

    2. The language is German. The sign shows a much younger, smaller, child, who might slip through the bars. The child in the picture is older and bigger, can’t slip through the bars, so not really a fail.

    3. yes its munich he is right. you can see the O2 tower over there and the sign is in the same style as the other ones in the olympic parc. thats about 5min from where i live

  1. its just like when i went to the zoo and at the reptile cage there was a big sign that said “SAVANNA MONITOR” in big bold letters and there was people coming up to it calling it a “komodo dragon”… my thoughts on this… if it was electrified and the kids got hurt they couldnt sue cuz they were stupid enuff to ignore it. and chances are if just another visitor pointed it out they would scoff and ignore the person and the warning. this is a People Fail.

  2. I notice the fence depicted in the warning isn’t really to scale with the fence in real life. You would have to have a kid proportionately the size of a Barbie doll in order for this warning to carry any validity. I just think about stupid shit too much. Fail for me…

  3. Ok, for all who wanna know:
    This shot was probably taken in munich on the (“Olypiaturm”) olympic tower, because of the skyline, the O2-Tower in the Background and of course the german language of the warning.

  4. This is not a fail.
    The sign clearly shows that a WOMAN must not put her child on the fence.
    That person is a MAN, so nothing wrong there.

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