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    1. lol maybe because permanent marker has little to no effect on darker skin, but whipped creme on the other hand…but yes I am a white girl and have seen this a MILLION times.

    2. its not the fact that it a white guy gettin written on, it that fact that only white guys do this to their friends. u never really see a picture with a bunch of black guys or even latinos or asians doing this crap their friends. i might be wrong cuz the internet is a big place but im pretty sure of it. who do you think invented football hazings and fraternity initiation hazings…. bored sadistic/masocistic borderline gay white guys.

    3. not just white people do this…its just that the black people cant afford the cameras and computers necessary to make it publicly known via the internet.

    4. Well between Aricka’s whipped “creme” and Dyquens masochist theory, I’d say most of these replies have been fails.

      Aside from this, a lot of nationalities have different thoughts on humor. For example! Recently, a group of asian businessmen got drunk and put a LIVE EEL inside of one of their friends butts. The eel bit a hole through the guys intestine and died several days later..but this is neither here nor there..

    5. wrong black ppl do alot of the same shit they just don’t take the time to film it cuz its incriminating and they gotta be careful bout that shit

  1. OH YEAH THE SHOCKER!!! what else is on his face? is that… a big capn crunch? and thaT GUYs shirt looks like it says herpes

  2. Yeah this kind of thing is just not even funny anymore. All I would do is get up and take a shower. shrugs. And what I would to do get them back would be so much better anyway.

  3. Yo never see black/hispanic/asian people doing this because none of them can take a fucking joke. If you did this to a black guy they’d try and fuck up whoever did it to them. This kinda shit happened to me and my friends all the time in college – we always thought it was funny as shit. It happened to me once and I remember waking up the next day laughing my ass off at the fact. It’s funny to see people actually freak out about this shit… learn to laugh a little

  4. Yea, I know, right? Jesus fucking Christ, guys. I mean, I poured sugar in my friends gas tank once just for fun and he got all pissed off at me. But WHY? It was a fucking joke. Man, he needs to get a goddamn sense of humor.

    1. OMG!!! Thats fuckin funny! I’M a spanish girl and I had a friend of mine actually TEA BAG a girlfriend of mine while she was passed out and then when I was younger, my girlfriends and I taped and bandaged our other girlfriends vagina and ass shut! And another time at band camp we……….

  5. friends would take care of their drunk friends… but when you got asshole friends like these the chances that they are gonna do something fucked up to you are nine out of ten… just sayin…

  6. Wtf ya all being racist for its just a dumb fucking picture get over it and no matter what fucking race u r its all bout how u handle a joke fuckin idiots

  7. if it were blacks doing this they would be tossing each others salads because it’s the only thing they know how to do while they are in jail

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