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    1. I was going to post that exact same thing. There’s absolutely no reason to film yourself mowing the lawn. Probably trying to get on america’s funniest home video or something.

    1. Simple, it’s internal combustion of a mixture of gas and air in the cylinder which causes the piston to move which then turns into a cycling fashion by the crankshaft. The sealed cylinder is combusting, creating volumes of energy released into the pistons.

    2. well, that MIGHT be right if it were a gas powered mower, unfortunatley the plug and extention cord suggest otherwise.

  1. very fake, why would u film yourself doing chores, why would u plug a lawnmower in and give it more power than what it needs and why does the guy look like hes acting, plus all u gotta do is let go bro lol. good acting

    1. letting go isnt that easy in situations like that, if it wasnt fake.
      as far as plugging it in, have you not heard of electric lawnmowers? I’ve seen some that can pull that kind of power on a 120vAC circuit. Couple that with an inexperienced operator, wet, slick grass… and you can have mishaps like this.
      as far as the recording and “bad acting”… perhaps it was his birthday and his wife was video taping his new gift’s first use?

      now if you think i read too much into this… try stfu and enjoying it for face value, regardless of origin or originality.

  2. why does everything have to be “fake”? couldn’t the guy recording have rigged the lawn mower and taped it for laughs?

    that guy does look like he’s acting though. and i disagree…i think it’s bad acting.

    i wouldn’t want to randomly put myself through the pain & embarrassment and almost get hit by a car too, just to get on EF.

    whether or not it’s fake, it’s a fail :p

  3. it might not be fake coz someone could have easily rigged the lawnmower knowing that the guy was gonna mow his lawn then put a hidden camera up and as for the ppl saying he should have let go it is not so easy letting go of something like that so just stfu and injoy it

    1. i laughed but its fake as hell a mower cant go that fast so stfu and think before you say shit like it might be real cuz its not real and ever one here knows it

    2. Damn idiot, no lawnmower has that kind of power enough to drag a man across the street, and certainly not half that speed.

      So break you`re fingers and enjoy getting raped, you arrogant son of a bitch.

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