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    1. Yes. I have been riding horses for 17 years. That horse did not need help crossing the street he was walking fine. You never ever do what that dumb idiot did. He is lucky that was all that happened.

    2. He’s not a handler, he’s some jackass trying to get the horse to take off running and got what he deserved. Looks like, anyway.

    3. why when horses are the topic everyones an expert and been riding for how long..stf up… horse or not you dont fuck with big animal…the next time someone talk’s about dogs…i mite say yes iv been walking dogs for 17 years in an expert kind of way and hope people will think i am a universal master and dont fap in the mirror

  1. Horse win! That DB was asking for it. We have stupid people that rev their cars when we are riding to see if our horses will spook, i wish they would get out of the car and get kicked in the face too.

  2. I dont know about you people, but worst that the horse hitting the guy, or the guy being such an idiot, to me the BIGGEST FAIL is how EVERY SINGLE person that was there did absolutely nothing, noone even blink, i was expecting as least someone be like wtf, or are you ok type of thing, what a bunch of aholes

    That guy was a complete douche. You NEVER get behind a horse and clap your hands. I would be amazed with a head injury like that he doesn’t end up more retarded than he already is.

  4. If you look, it actually hit his chest\shoulder.
    Punctured lung vs. heart problems for a couple months.
    Either way, it hurt. That horse is…HUGE.

  5. military minded 85 BROVO !! when i read what you wrote i agree could not of put it better hahahaha! where i live ppl who brag about horses are called barn goddeses or horse snob’s!

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