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  1. The problem is that in some languages the word “magazine” is the word for “store”, (not sure what is the name for the words that are similar in pronunciation, but different in meaning is), so, being a non-native speaker, at first, i couldn’t realize for a second what was wrong with that.

    1. In french, especially in Quebec we say Magasin, but take notice that we do not pronounce the n ending the same way you do. Sorry if I make mistake, in just a fucking frog 😛

    1. I’m gonna guess that the country is so poor they only have 1 sign manufacturer & he lacks creativity. 😉 lol

  2. I like that store, they sell some cool stuff, a lot of vintage clothes. It’s in between Ueno and Okatchimachi stations in Tokyo.

  3. …It’s just a fail because, in English, magazine does not mean store, & I’m guessing the person who submitted this & the proprietors of this website are in English-speaking countries. So, to other people in English speaking countries it’s funny. It’s not trying to be ignorant & say English is the only language, it’s just supposed to appeal to English-speakers.

  4. The word magazine originates in the Arabic language (if you go way back) and comes from the word ‘makhazin’ which as mentioned above, means an area of storage. The English word magazine is loosely based on this idea, magazines store knowledge, pictures, stories etc.

  5. I don’t get it.
    It’s french and it simply means “stores”.
    Apart from the fact that english isn’t the only language on planet earth I still don’t get the “FAIL”.

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