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    1. Clearly no idea about this breed….its not this breed who is classed as dangerous dogs! get ur facts right! FAIL!

    2. LOL “get ur facts right!” “thats tight”. ken and kez did you even realized that? 😀

  1. It’s magic marker anyway, will come off with a bath. But teach the kid the difference between a piece of paper and a damn dog.

  2. To all these saying the dog would eat the child have clearly never owned a English Bull Terrier….havin had this breed around since being a child…i know that given the correct attention and training that this is one of the softest dogs with children!
    Like any other breed if a scum bag gets hold of them then they are obviously they will grow up to be out of control! but they dont call the bull terrier the nanny dog for no reason….they are soft as anything!!

  3. “If you notice the nipples, this dog is female…I wonder if he’s son of a bitch…”

    Knowledge of anatomy fail.

    1. Male dogs don’t have 6-8 nipples that look like they’ve been fed from recently. Common Sense Fail.

    2. It’s not a fail on Red’s part. He’ obviously referring to the “son of a bitch” part of the comment. 2 people above me fail.

  4. You have to admire the ambition of a child, Thinking he can take an ugly dog and make it look better. The dog was a fail when it was born, so I call this an ambition win for the young kid.

  5. I would chaulk this one up as a success for the dog and kid. THAT IS AWESOME! I’m out on if this is a parenting fail though.

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