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    1. i agree, poor poor chair, they should just saw through his neck to save the chair

  1. You know its hard to admit….but that was one of the ideas that crossed my mind when I was in elementary….it was like the chairs were tempting me…nay, challenging my cranium to fit through there back holes. I turned out alright……….right?

  2. Haha, they gave him a lollipop – he must have been freaked out!
    This is one of those moments where, when they tell you to hold still, the first thing that happens is the need to sneeze.

  3. Why didn’t they just slather the kid’s head and neck with petroleum jelly or lard, instead of ruining a perfectly good chair?
    If it fit on one way it will slide back off the other.
    Wastefull school spending…

  4. I can imagine this kid running desperately through the corridors yelling for help while his friends mocked him! Afterwards he certainly became a celebrity in school…

  5. oh man, this happened to my friend back in elementary school. the great thing about it was that right before he did it, we had just got done looking at a firetruck and the teacher told him to hold on, she’ll go get the jaws of life and that boy plucked his head out as quick as he could. should have saw his face when he got it stuck, poor thing was sobbing.

  6. You got it all wrong. It’s the staff stealing his lunch money. I work at the cafeteria, we do this everyday. It’s nice with an extra income, and a great way to stay in shape!

  7. Should’ve put him in the hallway and left him to rot in the chair. Would’ve been a good deterrent to keep other students from repeating this little SNAFU.

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