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  1. Which is more fail -the steal fail, or the way the guy says, “Don’t steal bikes, ‘aight? DON’T do it again……. …………stealing bikes” (while hitting to emphasize words), LOL.

  2. you like to steal bikes! dont steal bikes bro cos thats his work bike! dont steal bikes bro aiiiiight! dont do it again, stealing bikes

    1. Yeah dude your a fucking idiot! Any one coming in here with the handle pornstar automatically gives me the impression that this person is extremely pathetic!

    2. Yeah, obviously this was definitely in America. The French wouldn’t have swung. :-p

      Yeah, porn star in a name = 40 year old virgin, or 12 year old douche bag.

  3. a harsh scolding.
    “no no sir, never again (punches temple). Ok? no more bike stealing for you, now. (kicks ribs). OH! stealing bikes, i’m very disappointed in you.. (slams skull into wall)”

  4. i don’t feel bad for him, i think he got what he deserved…actually, I think he got off easy, stealing from bike homos you know, imagine if the little fairy tried stealing something in the bronx and got caught…lol

    1. Haha yes, getting beaten up by an crack-head and a Mexican in spandex is quite embarrassing.

  5. I was waiting for him to bend him over his knee and start spanking… maybe 5 minutes time-out… I’ve seen worse beatings than that delivered by 10 year olds (there were too many of them, ok).

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