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    1. Umm, did you mean to leave the “t” out of “ghost” or is someone going around stealing “t”s?? But anyway, probably a woman driver. If you can’t park a smart car, you shouldn’t be driving.

    1. I’m pretty sure your the only idiot when it comes to spelling. You should probably check yours first before making a statement.

  1. Smart car, stupid driver… you know what i see a trend, where i live the stupid ppl are the ones who drive smart cars. maybe trying to compensate for what they lack, just like guys who buy ridiculously-out-of-their-budget sports cars to make up for lack of wiener. hahahahahaha

  2. okay “Dante” what makes you think its a woman driver? we all know that men are more agressive and hurrysome drivers therefore it was most likely a man driver.. ha

  3. Smart cars are the most dangerous death machine made lately!! Can you imagine getting hit in this thing? I was around when they had the Gremlin, Pacer, Fiero..all were stopped being made, because the gas tank was so close to the driver, REAR END BOMBS.Seems to me the Smart car is worse than those, and add the Cooper.

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