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    1. Could this video be any more staged? The guy was not only ready but the damn ball weighed nothing and he pretended to be real hurt. Pathetic acting too. Aside from that, excellent vid. Pfft

    1. Karma: action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad
      Irony: an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected.

      Looks like the winner is karma, buddy…learn the difference yourself…

  1. Is that a girl laughing at the end? How many fucking people were there?

    And by the way, it is karma. Something bad happened to the kid in black after he did something bad to the original kid. True, it wasn’t expected, so it is partially irony.

    1. Because they were planning on it being funny and were probably going to post it on Youtube

      but then that happened and it got posted on Epicfail instead >.>

  2. Haha I love all the people saying “fake” or “staged”… OF COURSE IT IS. They were planning on pranking their friend, and wanted to film the results. & then, they ended up getting not only “exercise ball to the face” but, “exercise ball to the face, instant karma”. So yes it was planned. By everyone present but the guy in the white who got hit in the face.
    Hahah it’s always either staged or photoshopped with some people… You all sound like my dad… He actually thought that the platypus was a mythical creature, like a unicorn & kept arguing with me when I said they were real, until I looked them up on the internet -.-‘

  3. rofl not even funny kids add funny videos not videos gonna show a guy go off on him and get blood all over the ground bcuz hes on his period!!!

  4. first a ball to the gut, then a cheap ball to the face whilst on the ground…..the THE PEOPLES ELBOW….IF YOU SMELLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING

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