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  1. This shit isnt fucking funny enough with these google fails…

    Whoever keeps posting these do you get an erection to see your dumb fucking fail was posted on the site? Fuck off already, find an actual fail.

    1. it should be illegal to be able to find shit like this online. its stupid thought of a crazy person: “Well i’m gonna go online and find ways to kill my baby” wtf no one thinks this way it makes it easy for a murderer to have a plan. so stupid

  2. It’s called abortion. This is also the answer to “How can I kill someone and get away with it?” But, truthfully, anyone who gets an abortion is technically killing another human. So therefore, abortion is technically first degree murder, which is punishable by death.

    1. You can freeze a fetus and it will survive, when you can freeze a baby and then revive it I’ll accept it’s one and the same.

  3. gf is a stupid skank 🙂 the fact that so many whores r online trying to figure out how to murder there infants, instead of the obvious 1st choice. wear a fucking condom, take the pill, u stupid inconsiderate peices of shit, that google keeps on trying to help with this common problem.

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