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    1. -_- a guitar…….. and a trumpet with a fourth valve real nice …… lol its only supose 2 have 3 lol

  1. I can’t believe you guys have never bought one of these before. When you blow through it and push the buttons, it makes guitar sounds. Duh!

  2. I dunno… I think the description is correct, but it should have been worded differently. “The guitar plays REAL music! … This is just a cheap plastic trumpet.” Also, don’t trumpets have THREE valves, not four?

  3. I actually have this. And, I have to say, the guitar does indeed play “real” music… not that fake music you’re used to hearing.

  4. in the corner it has WARNING: CHOCKING HAZARD. small parts. not sutebull for cildren under three years. wow kids must have big mouths.

  5. Hooraaay! Band Geeks..the fail is that it is a chinese toy with a description that clearly was translated incorrectly by the 5 year old sweat shop proofreaders. Noone cares how many valves a trumpet has….

    1. this is a special made guitar specifically designed for the ass in mind…simply bend over, insert top portion and enjoy the music that eminates from your ass guitar 😀

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