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    1. “Punctuation” doesn’t need to be pluralized. Nice fail yourself there, buddy.

      And just FYI, this is most definitely a doll. How many kids would sit that way long enough to be dragged about?

  1. Are you sure it’s a doll? Because that looks like a folded sleeping toddler to me. It’s the hands you see, and the way the shoulders are carrying the weight of the head.

  2. Having a lumpy rear caused this woman to place her toddler in a basket and use the weight as resistance in her cardio work out. Lesson here: having cellulite on your ass makes you a bad parent.

  3. there is nothing wrong with this. kids sleep in odd positions all the time, the kid probably climbed his ass in that way to begin with..i would laugh if i saw this in real life, i honestly cant see anything wrong with this..if he was uncomfortable, he would get out.

  4. Sliploose, there is something wrong with you.
    Chick inthe picture, there is something wrong with your ass.
    i hope the person that f*cked you to make that piece of shit doll is a mannequin. only mannequins would wanna see an ass like that.

  5. if it was a real kid it wouldnt just be sitting there but wtf is tht woman doing with a doll in a trolley like tht? 😐

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