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    1. Actually, that’s Ashton Kutcher’s younger brother & he’s into MILF’s too, by the looks of it. lol 😉

    2. They have the same nose and hair color, prolly his sister. and yes, sisters do do that kinda stupid crap to their brothers, specially when there is a camera present…

    1. lol yeah. I’m sure she was trying to get some from her boy when he was trying to study…and someone just happened to be there to catch the shot…?

      Do any of you have that little part of your brain that questions?

    2. dude, its just a porn scenario
      it doesnt have to be real, think about it, whos takin the picture?
      funny thou

  1. well..if he learns that book well and gets his degree he can have thousands of those bitches in the future. This guy has the patience of a saint haha.

  2. he is obviously gay and she is merely trying to convert him back. but she dresses very poorly……a bra under a spaghetti strap dress???……fashion fail!!

  3. maybe he doesnt roll that why?
    or maybe hes more interested in his education and being successful than having sex with a slutty and possibly drunk bitch.

  4. Damn, sucks to be her. A guy who actually thinks with his head and not his dick… But smart people got to nut to, just give him time. Im sure some cosplay would speed things up. He will go apeshit in notime.

  5. such a win, i saw these two people in another picture: the guy in bed with a calculator and the girl standing behind him with her hands covering the you know whats. SAME PEOPLE EPIC WIN FTW…..

  6. yyyyoooooouuuu dumb ass . you would pass up boobs for science. i have an experiment for u go get in bed and have her in there 2 and try some real science.

  7. Did anyone else realize this is the 2nd picture with these 2 people in it? Doing pretty much the same thing? FAKE.

  8. What a fucking nerd, actually not fucking at all is he. I would literally stop reading, throw the book down and start doing some science experiments on her. Test her fluids, maybe check what decible her pipes are operating at.

  9. these pics hav to b fake. this is the 2nd 1 i’ve seen with thoughs 2 playing there “i’m not into you i’m busy lookin at sumthin else that is more important” routine

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