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    1. look closely to the banana furthest to the left and you can see the outline where it was sliced from the first banana (exact same dimensions) and pasted there.
      At least someone put some effort in this one, still a fake.

  1. One Banana, Two Banana, One for me and one for you banana, count Three or Four or even more banana but banana cant grow alone………. who gives a f*ck if its five or six bananas, cuz banana cant grow alone. So said sesame street. LOL

  2. WOW the editor needs a new job! my god simply freakin retarded…all the way around, you realize this book had an author, an artist, an editing team, and a publisher..ALLLLL these people FAIL FOR LIFE…YOURE FIRED!

    1. Or maybe they did this on purpose because they knew otherwise their book wouldn’t be as noticed. Just a publicity stunt. Or it could be photoshopped who knows.

    1. If only i was a monkey…
      Swinging on trees, eating, and sleeping… ahhhhhhhh..
      Id swing over all the bullies in the world and say,
      “Na Na” Hahaha 😀

      But.. im not a monkey…

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