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    1. Well, it is a race afterall, not a search & rescue. Unbelieveable that she couldn’t just take a couple more steps… or atleast tuck your head between your legs & roll across the finish line. That woulda been a showstopper! lol 😉 Enjoy.

  1. Aye Chubby Chiny u lucky i dont where u are cause if so u wouldn’t be talking like that trust me,but never seen racist honkey not go any where in life and for the exact reason for u to sit on your ass to write a dumb ass red neck comment cause u have nothing else better to do with your life now thats sad besides having a small white penis lol

  2. if wonder if she tells people that druming the earth with her face felt like slow motion, which for her, as a result, might be pronounced, “ssslllooowww mmmoootttiiiooonnn.” ^.~

  3. hey, shawn, how’d you go about writing a mini paragraph only using a single punctuation? now that is very impressive.

    P.S. i’m not hating on you because you’re black, but because you’re stupid.

  4. Now, now everybody… In the famous words of Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?”, Ps.- let’s not inject racist comments into this site, huh? We’re all better than that crap. 😉 seriously.

  5. Shawn, I think ChubbyChinny is east asian. Sounds like he got ripped on by a black dude.

    Magicchef, it was painful reading his comment.

    Happy Camper, right on my friend. 🙂

    1. Does anyone know ecatxly what black food coloring does to your insides? I’m not saying that I do, but I’d be tempted to think that by the time it circulates through the bloodstream (you know, along with the useful stuff) that your kidneys would be like, aw son-of-a-b!!!

  6. What the fuck is up with the people taping the shit.
    GO SKIPPY! GO SKIPPY! Seriously, I hate people who just talk to hear themself talk.

    1. LOL thats what I was thinking the whole time! She is saying, “Pick it up Kimmy!!” But it almost sounds like she says, “Make it up to me!!!” I think you could probably hear her say something else if you listen to it a few times.

    2. I actually think the yelling is even more funny then the falling! She could also be saying, “Give it up to me!!” or “Give it up Timmay!”

    3. Damn. About 8 hours after eating all of that black icing, the ioeltt is sure going to look horrific.Man, you’re telling me! This is why I never let my ioeltt eat cakes with black icing any more.CAPTCHA: blacr (as in “can this cake get any blacr?”)

  7. magic chef I love how you can call shawn out about puncuation but you know part of proper sentence structure is oh, i don’t know a capitalization? If your gonna start corrections your fucking sentence better be flawless.

  8. I think their feet have to go over the mark, so she got like 7th place. That’s an epic fail.
    And she didn’t trip if you watch the video, her legs gave out. She pushed herself too far.

  9. Oh shit, in the slow-mo you can tell that she didn’t trip but rather that her knee went-out. That’s sad I can’t laugh at that, but the irony stings.

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