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  1. This reminds me of a girl who accidently used marker instead of tampon. She only noticed it after she tried to write something with tampon.

    1. yeah, it’s faked. just like all the others and just like the google fail ones. It’s so annoying how many fakes are posted here. people don’t even notice lol

    1. I’ve seen people this stupid, their the ones who insist that you have to sit down on the bus, when every seat is full or they won’t drive the bus.

  2. i don’t think she put it in her ass. i think she put it in the right hole but isn’t heavy enough to fill the tampon with blood. when you pull a dry cotton rod out of your vagina it fucking hurts, but if she leaves it in she faces a whole other deal of issues, like tss. fail for failing the nonfail.

    1. Did you miss the last couple of sentences or something? It WOULD make sense if she hadn’t added: Now I have to go to the bathroom really bad (number 2) what do I do.

      THAT is the part that is fail.

      Props for the added comment fail though.

    2. “I have to use the bathroom (number two) AND I NEED IT OUT.” She stuck it up her ass. Case closed.

    3. No most CLEAN girls take a tampon out before they go number 2 so they dont get poop on the string!

  3. okay seriously, she didn’t put it up her ass. she just didn’t have a heavy flow. & when that happens, it hurts like fuck when you take the tampon out. & i would know this out of experience, js;

    1. and why would that stop her from “going number two?” i dont thinkg something in the vag blocks the bunghole.

  4. ok you guys are idiots.. Most of you guys.. are I am guessing.. guys. When the tampon hasn’t absorbed much and you try to take it out.. it really does hurt.. Ask any girl who uses tampons.. and seriously I doubt someone is so stupid to put it in their ass.

    1. But… she claims to have to go to the bathroom… REALLY BAD o.o it’s APPARENTLY number 2. Case in point. BACK TO THE KITCHEN WITH YOU!

  5. She might have had it in the right hole. If she didn’t have a heavy flow then it would hurt to take it out. Most girls including myself,take the tampon out when they have to take a shit. There is a chance that she put it in her ass, but four hours of not having it in the right hole, and being on her rag. Would have been enough to tell her it is in the wrong hole.

  6. most of the girls here are right. it hurts to pull out a tampon when its even the slightest bit dry. ouch. major pain. like a kidney stone being passed. owwwwwie! but there still is that chance that it was in the wrong hole, which makes me laugh =] her name being meg does just add to the funny of this =] LMAO!! she even has the red hair & glasses!

    1. Hh my god, are you stupid? You don’t bleed out of your pee hole on your period, you bleed out of your VAGINA. WHERE YOU HAVE SEX. No shit

  7. baaahaha siick thats like saying we shit babies….oh ya guys btw we dont shit babies for those of you who think that sorry

  8. as funny as this is i feel for this girl. not that i’ve ever had this prob but i know girls who have and when u r that young it is really hard and scary to know what to do about it. listen up guys. ur body is far less complicated then are is. shut the fuck up!!!

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