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  1. Poor bastard, he hit the floor HARD! And then he got right back on the saddle by Monday. Floor care fail, Conan FTW.

  2. Quick, teabag him while he’s on his knees, you’ll never get another chance like this, the guy is like 7ft tall. Plus it’ll distract the viewers from his slip, fall/crash & burn. lol

  3. He runs like he has a dick up his ass. What a pussy, not for the fact he got beat by Terry Hatcher (she could beat me any day, as long as she wears that) but the fact of how he runs, you saw a bust his shit moment comin’

  4. I love Conan! So sad to see him go – he’s a true class act and the best host that the Tonight Show ever had. He will be missed. Don’t ever change, Conan! We love you!

  5. It’s a win, i am sure. That the ussaul antics. I see some fails and meh nothing as hudge as fail when some one got hiss ass kicked as batman in a sci fi convention.

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