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    1. u should hold ur stance like that even after the leave cuz they could come up behind u and u could not be ready for it

    2. Yeah, it’s called a fighting stance dude, that’s what you’re supposed to do. If you let down your stance, you leave yourself open.

      Epic win for the fat guy. And judging by the open hands and the weight on the back leg that was kung fu.


    4. The idiot getting floored is called Les Andrews and is from St Helens near liverpool uk. The older bloke is an ex sas soldier who was just looking his mums house. Les Andrews is a local thug who likes to beat up younger kids to prove he’s hard. He met his match here..

  1. what a prick, standing there giving it thinking he is well hard. loved it, only one hit to the face and hes out. bet he come back with 50 of his mates coz he is a fuching pussy. hope he burnes in hell. twat.

  2. I see the guy in the muscle shirt is using the tried and true fighting stance of “Chin our,arms down”. Billy Dee Williams approves of this video.

  3. You know what happens in Texas when you come into somebody’s property doing that? You die…thanks to the Castle Doctrine. IT’S THE LAW.

    1. best law ever, the whole world should abide by it. Anyone trespassing unlawfully on your property should be immediately shot!

    2. Dante you probably live in some hell hole, don’t ya 😉 I think yes…. and thats what Americans do… we protect serve and eat. 😉

  4. LOOL WHAT A FAGGOT!!! i love whatching this bully pussy fight videos! lol the fat one should have kick the pussy in the face at least 5 times

  5. almost as good as the hit and the punk crawling away was the way the punk’s buddy slowly and respectfully closed the gate.

    1. @The Teabagger LOfl that is what the law should be.. and @HeartbreakPrincess you are not funny at all stop TRYING to kill peoples mojo

  6. Fucking classic.

    because having your face 6 inches from the other guy’s with your hands at your sides is the PERFECT defensive position.

  7. Hilarious. The same thing happened to me at the mall 2 weeks ago with this black guy and a couple of his friends. Got up in my face all “mofukkah, be eyeballin’ me blah blah blah im an ignorant asshole. Best keep yo eyes offa me stupid fu-” And before he could finish I grabbed his neck and put a knee in his chest and walked away with him gasping for air lol. It was great. Props to the chubby guys who know how to defend themselves lol. THE CHUBBY WILL SURVIVE!!!

  8. Nobody has commented on the neighbors yet but…

    NICE FUGGIN NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH PROGRAM… “Our neighbor has a crazy hooligan threatening him at his doorstep. I dont think I will help… but sure am glad I have my video camera to record it all for Epic Fail!”

    Or maybe that guy is the head of the neighborhood watch and they all just knew what was coming for the hooligan.

  9. @Tom you’re right wiht one thing… it was certainly a good demonstration of fail from the intimidator.

    However, the gent in this clip is not using Karate, but Wing Chun Kung Fu… how do i know? because he teaches me every wednesday lol.

    Nice one Sifu!

  10. Les Andrews got chinned LOL – and yeah – its not the poshest estate – and Les ain’t my mate. I knew he’d get slapped down.

  11. I live in South Central LA an I can tell you all bullies and gangsters are the same they act all tuff until you kick their ass they start crying or they say “Yu gon’ see’t wit’ my homes”

  12. I whoulda just ripp the guy apart and throw half of his body infront of his friends that way they’ll never wanna f**k with me

  13. Oh the UK…how proud I am. I bet none of these people have worked an honest day’s work in their life. Scumbags.

    Did they start on him because he’s disbaled? I heard them say something about ‘this f.ucking’ retard.

    Hate them all. Round them up and shoot their knee caps.

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