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  1. “What just happened? Did I pop a tire”

    No jackass, your asinine ideas and driving skills were put to the test and they came up short. God I hate rednecks.


    1. He knew exactly what he did. He was ashamed to admit it. When he started sliding abit to one side he panicked and overfought the steering wheel. He and Daddy will tell the insurance co. that another car ran him off the road and he’ll have another within the week. Now why are insurance rates so high?


    1. If it had a V10 he would of done a REAL burnout, Not just chirp the tires a little. I think its just a replica of the V10 Ram, Don’t you?

      If it had been a FORD truck, however, He wouldn’t of crashed because the Ford truck would still be exactly where it started burning rubber.

  3. a dumass..
    on a side note..
    its good to see a vid where the cameraman is actually worried for his friend…

  4. He’s like, “Oh shit you alright dude?”.
    From like 20 yards away. Haha.
    “Did I pop the tire?”. No bro you rolled the car. The tires shouldn’t be an issue.

    1. Uhh…. Had he of blown a tire, that would have explained why he all of a sudden took a hard left into the ditch, and rolled…

      Pretty sure he was rattled and was wondering “WTF happened? Did I blow a tire?”

    2. you could see he was going right so he turned the wheel to go straight, but he over corrected and fucked his truck up, what a shame..

    3. also the graval(i probably mis-spelled that) didnt help to much, also where the fuck is the burnout that was mentioned in the title?

  5. Nice truck!
    Well, it was…

    And is there any way to get a still shot for the unclicked video that DOESN’T give away the punch line?

  6. That V10 got him a C- for driving kills ( hmmm lets go over that wet spot on the road with one rear wheel and see what happens?)

  7. yeah the guy didnt blow a tire
    what happened was that he drove over a wet spot in the road with one of his rear wheels and swerved in one direction then he tried to correct it by turning in the same direction
    then drove into a ditch and totaled a good truck(might i add that the truck had a fucking v10 in it which is gonna cost a shitload to repair if he damaged it)

  8. At least American cars go out of control by poor driving and choice, unlike Toyotas that just go retarded for no reason whatsoever.
    Japanese quality my ass, biggest recall in the history of the automobile- floor mats and throttle inputs. You want these guys designing cars?

    1. You snapperhead, all those acceleration accidents turned out to be the fault of the idiot drivers.

  9. OMG dude thats funny but first if you look closely NO WET SPOT DIP SHIT! and two he calls out one name!.. besides dude.. lol. and if anyone has ever spun there tires “long enough” they would kno that you drift off to the right or left when doing so unfortinat for the poor bastard here he didnt get the memo “let off the accelerator when drifting off course!” i got plenty of experiance of this and atleast i fucking learned after the second tim in the ditch and not in a tree or rolled over!

  10. well i dont think rednecks are familiar with “brand new” cars. usually they drive those crappy 10,000 b.c. chevrolet.

  11. Dang thats my favorite truck too … but why didnt he jus hit the brakes … and why did he ask if he was ok the car jus flip on top of him

  12. I wish this shit would happen to every asshole that thinks burnin rubber is a good idea or even cool. It’s not cool and looks stupid. I am not impressed when assholes burn rubber.

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