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  1. Bull riding is animal abuse.
    I know this is the internets, so everything is Haw Haw… but I think the shit that goes on at rodeos is crap.

    1. aninal abuse my ass there food for 1 2 the rider is the one that gets inured never the bull,no im gonna go chop the head off a chiciken and make dinner FK peta

    2. Oh by the way do you dumb asses think a person should get 3 years in prison for killing and eating a rat?Probly gonna happen in the land down under.

    3. John educate yourself before you call people dumb asses, after most rodeos the bull is slaughtered after.

  2. Hahah looks like the bull had it all planned out, he collapsed before the guy could be on long enough, & then as soon as they got the guy off, kept running around. I agree with Vince, Bull WIN

  3. That scared the heck out of me… For a second there, I thought the bull was hurt. I was pleasantly surprised whent he bull ran away.

  4. near WIN; It was a trick he wanted all the people to run in to help the poor retard underneath him so that he could trample them all and avenge his bovine brothers.. only his bully conscience appealed to him at the last moment and he chickened out.. the best laid plans…

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