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  1. That kid looks like a right little bastard. And what kind of parent lets a child hold a cat like that while they stand around and take a photograph??

    1. WOW!!!! I think the parents need to be choked for letting their son hurt the poor cat. that’s animal abuse!!!!! and they are rednecks

  2. This isn’t a cat fail or a baby fail. It’s a parenting fail. Who let’s a kid do that and thinks the poor cat getting choked is funny and goes for the camera? Parenting fail or Babysitter fail.

    1. A boner? my dear childrne that is a cat with his tail tucked between his legs. And if it wasn’t what type of animal gets a hardon getting chocked the fuck out?

  3. FAIL reasons
    #1: ugly as hell kid
    #2: cat in choke hold
    #3: cat has a boner
    #4: parents watch as it happens

    In conlusion: WTF EPIC FAIL!

  4. Why would the parents not drown that disgusting ginger fuck? That gene pool definitely has a floater. Fuck you. Your cat. And…that fucking nasty ass ham-baby.

  5. So what that picture dosnt show is 10 sec later the kids dad comes by and picks the ugly kid up the same way. If I had a child that ugly id be trying to choke it out but make it look like it was an accident too

  6. A picture can tell a thousand words….. what do you think his parents look like ? They need to stop having kids and no….. more pets either !!!!!! ” DUMB ASSES”

  7. this is not a fail the kid is a toddler and thats how they pick up a cat or a dog. they dont understand that can hurt an animal beside the cat is a kitten im sure mom or dad told the kid to put the kitten down or the kitten got away ..

  8. well… I guess just a split second after this foto was taken, the kid was clawed to death by the cat.. mind ya, those things are vicious!

  9. What are all these comments? Your rank or I Q? Did any of you not learn any ethics from life. Remember you will have this fall back on you.

  10. First of all, that kid looks chucky. Second of all, this is parenting fail at 2 levels: 1) they bred and created an ugly ass kid 2) they are allowing their kid to harm an innocent animal and then are taking a pic of it like it’s something funny to brag about. Dumb asses.

  11. Leave that baby alone. Some of you people may have been pretty babies but have you seen a mirror recently?

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