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    1. Really? It an RX-8. Rotary engine, doesn’t make enough power to be a full sports car, Mazda keeps putting off doing a turbo version like the older RX7s.

    2. dude are you for real? rotary engines are PIMP strong!! Read up on it… 1100 rotary in a RWD Nissan Champ equivalent = 2.o litre BiTurbocharged. Same stats, same kW.

    3. You know, rotary engines are very fuel consuming, and Mazda won LeMans 24 hours with the new revulutionary rotary engine, it is easily in maintance because it has few moving parts. And AWESOME-SAUCE!, your kinda right about the studying, because, I know how
      Cars)piston, diesel and electric engines and all other systems work.

      Boat) Steam and small electric engines work.

      Motorcycles) Piston and diesel. Other system of course.

      Planes, different types)Jet, Propeller and jet propeller.

      I haven’t even spent a year on this… yet. I dont study on this every day, not long when i study, maybe half an hour. I also study a lot other things like, animating in 3d studio, 2d studio when you draw everything from scratch in maybe programs like crappy windows paint. You then draw a full page, one second in 2d animating is eual to 25 full pages.
      3d animating is a lot easier, but harder to do. I also work with programming, with apps and web pages, still learning (newbie).

      Well thats it. If you wanna follow, my youtube accout is TheFullyOmniscient, havent got any videos yet, but I’m getting a new Bamboo touch. It is for 2d animation.

      By the way, I’m only 13 years old. forgot, bot I also study drawing.

      Well, that too much wasn’t it? Maybe I can fill the full page?

  1. Hahaha I’ve done the same thing! Yes I’m a woman! lmfao Funniest situation ever! Not hard to get up their! Just probably thought it was a pull through (like I did). Just an excuse really to have some sexy men come get all sweaty lifting our cars off the divider! lmfao “Oops I feel so silly, how can I ever thank you?”…*zip*

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