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    1. Come on–it’s fake. Look closely. the creases in the roof aren’t in the lines of the drawing. Also, how did he get up there? How much paint would it take and how did he get it so consistent? if it was there for a year, why is it so clean and how did he get the paint up there and back down? Also, the writing is obviously someone lacking in education–not journalistic style.
      This fake = epic fail
      and epic fail for those who were fooled by it.
      they need to make a “this is fake” button

    1. It’s a fail on 3 counts.

      1. he painted it on his OWN house
      2. it’s a fail for his parents not finding out about it sooner
      3. fail cause he got caught and now has to scrub it off

    2. Yeah. Ralph probably has a huge vagina on his roof because he’s a PUSSY. It’s a good thing he checks his roof everyday.

    3. This is from nearly a year ago Vilhelm, do you really think anyone is going to check this except sad people.

  1. TOTAL WIN!!:D
    1.for the penis
    2.for airplanes flying by
    3.for showing up on google maps
    4.for getting away with it for a year.
    5.for getting the hell outa there before his parents can find out.

  2. This is Win, unless the parents had hired professionals to clean it up, and made their son pay the bill. Then it would be a fail. For the son, that is.

  3. REasons FOR it Being a Fail
    1. it is on his own house
    2. he is pretty much calling himself a dick
    3. he came out of the closet
    4. he is dissing his own country no offically USA ROCKS
    5. the fact that he has to wash it off What if its spray paint (WHAT A LOSER)

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