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  1. Hell, I guess he was late from the meeting:

    “Must make meeting, Mr. Spacely will fire me if I miss the meeting…”

  2. That is not an IV, that is a colostomy bag. Notice the width of the bag, and the thickness of the tube leading away from the bag.

  3. I agree with Lisa. That is not a Colostomy bag but instead a Peritoneal Bag Solution used for Peritoneal Dialysis, a form of dialysis which uses the peritonium as a filtering medium for waste products of the blood.

  4. I am positive that is a PD bag (peritoneal dialysis). I am an ICU RN/ACNP, and have done PD on pts. I believe that guy missed a middle-of-the-night treatment, and is catching it on the way to work!

  5. On second look, I guess the guy could also have just had his prostate reamed out, and this is a flush bag to a 3-way foley catheter. Either way…GROSS!

    1. probably…because foley bags dont have the iv entrance(the red thingy on the top of the bag) also foley bags are supposed to go down like in the floor or on the leg …or could be a dialisis bag

  6. Yes, I’m a nurse…this is a patient in renal failure. They have to have dialysis (the fluid goes in over 8 hours, and then the bag is lowered and the fluid comes back out) Basically, it does what your kidneys do for you…get rid of the metabolic stuff someone with good kidneys can pee out.

  7. Looks like he is getting dialized while driving. Mean, i guess sitting in traffic pays off. Lol or he is trying to maximize his time efficiently. Lol

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