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  1. HAHAHAHA, You see… They are going to rescue someone & now they themselves need the RESCUEING!!! OMG will the Ironic Hilarity ever cease? My sides need to beg of you to show mercy! OOOH AAAHH.. I’m gonna be sore in the morning. I can’t look back at the photo in fear of the self inflicting pain the will commence. Oh MY. 😉

    1. alright. just cuz there was a side view and no 3d view it looked like a separate layer. ive done a lot of work like this, so i was just sayin. i need to find the video cuz this is HILARIOUS

    2. i think you are right on a dry day there just happens to be a giant sink whole in the middle of the road

  2. It is real. It happened in Los Angeles. It was a water main break and the street collapsed. In their defence, it was very early in the morning and it was still dark when they drove into it.

  3. not that funny, and actually kinda sad that ppl think its funny when one of us, firefighters, gets hurt but will be the first ones to whine and complain if we’re not there instantly for whatever reason..

    1. what makes you think anyone was hurt? the cab isnt even far enough submerged to have left a risk of drowning. shook up a bit, maybe, but hurt? not likely at all.

  4. actually the part of the cab that you see is the back door where the firefighters ride in the back, there is another door in front of that where the driver and officer ride, so it has about 6ft submerged ahead from the door window you see. that totally sucks.

  5. the front door of the truck is submerged- meaning the driver n officer had to climb thru the truck into the cab to excape. in the area u have lights, radios, heat cameras, co2 scanners, tools and then air packs. Firefighters in the truck prob werent wearing the seatbelts either. someone def got hurt during this. if its a major city thats a damaged truck thats prob worth 400,000-600,000 $ truck with now give or take, $100,000 in damage interior and exterior. Plus pump will need to be replaced.

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