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  1. Don’t worry guys, I really don’t think he smashed away the cure for cancer or solutions for world hunger or anything.

  2. hahahaha i like men and i am a guy hahaa he he hahaha he he ahaaha he he and i have a joke ( daddy why are all of the dinosaurs extinct) *CUZ YOU TOUCHE YOURELF AT NIGHT*

    1. LOL “fat” SO you are from Ethiopia? Look, learn to put down the guns and your d***s long enough to plant something that will grow in that shit dust you all call “earff” and you won’t be so hungry all the time 😉 It worked for “us” and our tater farming ancestors =D

    1. …I’m not certain I understand your sentiment..are you saying that NFL players’ concussions somehow lead to the annihilation of other americans? Interesting….is this what they teach you morons? Instead of dental hygiene? 😉

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