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  1. it almost looks like this guy was trying to be a modern day Thích Quảng Đức (the monk who set himself on fire to protest buddhist executions. WIKI THAT SHIT!) but had his shirt torn off or pussied out before it went anywhere.

    1. I was gonna say the same thing erowid. If you’re going to protest and kill yourself, don’t rip off someone elses totally awsome protest–come up with your own…also, succeed! Thich quang doused himself in gasoline–no fucking way some cop is gonna pull that shit off.

    2. Wow Erowid! IMPRESSIVE research skills (complete w/proper character fonts)….you just taught me more about something I always wanted to know! I still probably couldn’t say it correct though:( Thank you:D

  2. jihad? lol
    he actually tries to burn himself, not fail imho
    and it is because of poverty, he s complaining about his child or w/e cant hear properly

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