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Submitted by Christian P.

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  1. Hmm, what about that cigarette? Nahhh, there’s no health risks in smoking while pregnent…while she’s at it she should go grab a bottle of rum…

  2. Ok, this is an EPIC FAIL “Fail”. C’mon guys? can you not discriminate between funny & desperate for content? Obviously she’s just “holding” a cigarette pretending to contemplate smoking for the 1st time, due to the stress of the jackhammers on her & her unborn baby. Look at the way she’s holding it? it’s obviously a staged photo in an attempt to raise awareness for her plight! She’s brilliant! lol 😉

    1. Why does showing this picture in2009 constitute a fail? I hadn’t seen it before and i’m guessing this goes for more people… Even 5 years after the deed it is STILL a fail 😉

  3. wow how stupid!!!! she like slowly killing her baby by smoking why in the hell is she worrying about a damn jackhammer!!!!! FUCK HER LIFE!!!

  4. This fails SOOOO much that when the retarded baby (no offense) is born he/she will get on this website, go to this pic, and click the FAIL button.

  5. So she IS smoking a cigarette, while pondering about loud noises?! Well, with SUCH genetic material is the kid lost anyway.

  6. i think she should be more worried about the effects on her unborn child from that cigg in her hand, and the empty bottles of vodka hiding under her bed

  7. What’s the fuckin problem? You’re so damn crazy folks, xalling her biatch coz she smoke a cigaret,what’s the fuckn problem??? Fuckn puritans!

    1. In Rachael Carson’s “Silent Spring” she devotes a chapter on why TOBACCO is bad for you- Tobacco fields used ARSENATE OF LEAD as an insecticide for 3 centuries. Minerals used also contained POLONIUM a radioactive element that decays to LEAD.
      ALL of these poisons accumulated in tobacco fields to the point the gov’t decided a solution would be to keep growin’ TOBACCO, the plants would suck all POISON from the fields
      In short- Tobacco smokers SUCK

  8. I know it’s old, but every time it pops up in related fails I have to click on it. It’s a classic. Top 5 EF for sure.

  9. Besides the cigarettes she might want to worry about the effects of that super-long-dong vibrator she sits on the couch and crams up her uterus has on her unborn child.

  10. Those columns on the far right. Yeah there is an apartment there. I lived there for three years. I have seen many a wreck in that intersection, although never this pregnant one. She must have moved. I never met her. Of course I also avoid my neighbors like the plague. I am ashamed that she makes the whole city look bad. Representation fail.

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