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Submitted by Bobby R.

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    1. seriously, I dont know any movie theatres that are open that early on a wednesday….maybe a sunday around noon, but not a wednesday.

    2. well he posted at 10:17..n then he passed out..so assume he planned to take an hour and half nap
      [which he’s no longer going to take seeing as his ‘gf’ is probably gunna wake him up]
      so at 11:50’ish wake up..the plan was to eat first. maybe an hour or two if you go to a sit down restaurant.
      [you wouldn’t post up that you’re eating at home or at a fast food place..or maybe you would o.o;]
      so at about 1pm it’s entirely possible to watch a movie

      but i think he’s talking about later. watching the movie after dinner.
      either way..wtf was he thinking – probably being a pussy and not breaking up with sarah..letting her find out and break up with him.

    3. Ok…i don’t know about anyone else, but sometimes I change my status to what i am going to do that night that the morning before I am going to do it, like if i have to work or something like that…

    4. What Bad seed mean is that he post on his wall not exactly real time. Brecky, even if the post time is 4am in the morning doesn’t mean that they will eat and watch movies at that time.. ffs

    1. How could he say he was going to eat and movie with his girlfriend at 10:17 is he is sleeping? Never used facebook before so maybe im missing something.

    2. well Im sorry but where I live the only time the theatre is open at noon is on sunday any other day its 3pm asshole

    3. wtf are you guys serious… where does it say leaving right now to go to a movie.. it obviously means later that night. WOWWW

    4. where im from, the cinema opens at like 9am. so if he is british… also, he is asleep, meaning, he isnt going just yet, and im sure he isnt going to eat within 2 minutes

  1. damn you facebook, this sorta thing happens all the time, facebook is now he most cause of breakups, tips for all you cheaters, #1 dont take pictures with the other girl, it’s gonna get tagged by someone and ur busted #2 don’t go out with 2 girls that you have on facebook, bad idea, they are gonna find out soon enough, #3 dont accept flirty comments from other girls if u have a relationship, ur girl is gonna go on a profile hunt and look at every girls profile and look at all the pics and comments and if you commented her and she sees it, ur busted.

    1. Somebody with nick “jpimp” probably doesn´t have words like “loyalty” in his dictionary….degenerate..lol..I love that.:)

    2. lol it is true, I look through facebook at my bf’s friend list and what not. SO I suspect most women do. As for giving other guys sugestions of not being caught, that isnt cool =( If any guy dosn;t like the relationship he is in or is in bored then just break it off. Don’t cheat. You end up hurting one of the chicks if not both of them. Not cool. -.-

  2. How do the times mean it’s fake? that doesn’t make any sense…

    like you can’t make plans in advance or something? lol, wtf is wrong with you guys?

  3. It has to be fake. Its fake because the times are too close together. Like his girlfriend was on his page and her page at the same time. Its also fake because if he was “about to go out” why would he be sleeping? i don’t believe this one.

    1. wow. a lot of people I know are on their facebook for 30 min. at a time; so they can see the messages at the instant they are posted. it’s called notification bar dumbshit. now they can be “about to go out” later in the day. it doesnt mean they’re ready to go. lastly why would someone go through the trouble of making two facebook accounts, logging in a minute after one another, and posting funny things to get on epicfail??

    2. No, the person posting on the guys’ facebook is his girlfriend. For whatever reason, she’s posting about how she’s going to go eat and go to a movie with her friend. I don’t know why she’s posting it on her boyfriends profile. Which is why I still think it’s fake.

    3. uhh not sure if i understand you correctly zarbon..cause it says “kevin is sleeping. this is his gf” meaning it’s him going to the movies with her..not her with her friend.
      also..jasmine: i’ve definitely seen people who refresh and post comment after comment on statuses etc. it’s not uncommon or unlikely and therefore not proven fake. try again.

    4. i’m not sure wether all of ypu got it.
      there are rwo girls thinking they are his girlfriend. one of them is posting comments in his account and the other one then finds out that he has a double relationship

  4. I think its face.
    but….maybe they mean going out later tonight? and the chick had spent the night and the guy was still sleeping. so she went on his facebook..?

  5. im pretty sure this is a win. that was not his gf it was him posing as his gf on his pro. he got rid of stalker girl tho. way to go!

  6. OMG! This is NOT a debate! It’s simple. The girl is posting it on his profile because she felt like it. The times it took for the response means that the other girl was online too and was able to respond. PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!! HE CHEATED ON HER AND HE WAS CAUGHT!

  7. I don’t understand. This guy has a FB profile. He has two girlfriends. How is this the first time he’s been unable to shield one from the other? If I had another girlfriend my current girlfriend would know within a few hours. The point I’m trying to make is that my girlfriend checks her updates (and generally mine show up) and my page regularly to see what’s new. Assume both girls have FB which they check daily. How would these updates, messages, etc. get by them long enough for this guy to establish relationships with both? Sunshine Vondea may have this one correct.

    1. On FB you can have it set to hide statuses from people so they don’t get a notification, but I’m pretty sure if they check your profile they can still see the status. It’s possible that he hid the status and did lots of things to move it down and away from sight, but got caught this time.

  8. ok this was probably explained but 1 he could have posted that as something he was GOING to do later that day NOT right away. 2 his gf didnt put the status up he did fell asleep and was still logged in(i guess :/)so his gf snooped around on it. 3 it is easier than you think to keep multiple relations despite fb updates

  9. you idiots, it’s doesn’t mean that the one who is seein’ the status change is in the same hour zone!
    what if they were in england and you were seeing it in america… or in NY and you were on LA?

    fuckin’ assholes, think!

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