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    1. not many girls have that flat a chest look a little closer… and dude ur a fuckin moron, baby mama shoulda swallowed, poor kids in for a world of hurt w/u

    1. i agree molly.. its really a shame what people do to their children these days…. obviously POTHEAD of all people probably got butt raped by his daddy to so this picture is all but weird to him he is used to crazy shit

  1. you guys are all idiots. that’s a hookah bong. it takes a lot of effort to get any smoke from that and if you do get any, it’s just flavored tobacco. It’s not the harsh smoke that you get from cigarettes. Also a good chance that the stuff they’re using is tobacco, nicotine and tar free. lighten up homos and educate yourselfs.

    1. yes, i seek a higher education consisting of diferentiation of pipes, bongs, and hookahs…please sensei, enlighten me on the matter ๐Ÿ˜‰ by enlighten, i mean invite me over the next time you LIGHT UP!!!

    2. oh ok so just because it may not have weed or cig smoke in it. its ok for a baby to suck a hooka…. ok your bright… please do not ever have kids…

    3. k, theres now way that baby has the lung power to hit a 2 foot hookah, i know 13 year olds that barely can. he’s just joking around taking a pic.

  2. I highly doubt the baby is actually inhaling anything from the hookah. I’m sure the picture was just for show. I think its rather cute! Prolly just a hippie mom taking a picture to show her kid when he grows up. My mom was like that. Rock on hippie mom lady!!!

  3. i’m not really seeing how the parent could be female o.O? flat chested w/ their hoodie wide open & a mohawk..not particularly feminine clothing or anything either.

  4. That`s an EMPTY shisha. I have one and I certainly know for sure that there is NOTHING within that artefact. Itยดs only for the pic. What a waste of time.

  5. wow dude this is really cool….this isnt an eppic fail…this is a parenting proble…someone needs to kick the kid in the ass and teach him a lesson

  6. pretty sure people need coals to smoke hookah, that and its on a bed haha. nothin to worry about people. i think its funny haha

    1. i dont remember any coals under the alice in wonderland catopiller’s hookah… then again, that MIGHT not be the best source for my smoking research;)

  7. babies always look dopey. The guy may be a stoner but the thing is probably staged. Maybe he wanted his picture on here so he could be famous and the kid’s not even his ( the parents thought it would be funny)?

  8. any of you who think this pic is okay just because the baby isnt actually hitting the hooka are idiots. it doesnt matter if the baby is getting a hit or not its that you have so little brain cells that you think this pic is cute ot funny. its inappropriate. morons. you should just become sterile, please…

  9. That hookah aint even lit!!!!! You put your product of choice in, wrap the bowl with tin foil (none there), poke holes in the tin foil in the middle and place a hot coal on top (not there)… Some ppl are soooo dumb…. Chill the fuck out 14 year old bitches giving parenting advice!!!

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