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    1. Ok best video ever! Check my bands myspace. Ive been recording myself talking to this dude on the phone about cars leading him on that i actually want one when really im just making him do all his stupid catch lines over the phone and then lol’ing at him…

      and yes.

      COCAINE WIN!!!

    1. ok, well this site wont let me embed a video in the comment, but watch it and you’ll see what this dbag is trying to copy…and failing miserably at.

    1. Oh he’s definitely an idiot. I knew a guy like this. He worked at a Ford dealership (ironically enough) here in FL. But he detailed cars.

    1. Eh, they’re kind of a fail too. They’re OK when a third party does most of the critical, but that makes them pretty expensive.

  1. i had to watch twice and listen closely…guy talks so f’d up i actually thought he gave 2 different addresses for the dealership. guess i failed for lookin to hard for a fail lmao

  2. METROFORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    today is the day of the day of days!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I lived near Schenectady & this place really exists, as does this moron. They seem to have a few of them floating around the Albany-Schenectady, NY area. Hope they stay there…..

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