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    1. When you highlight an auto populated phrase on google, it auto populates your search box. Notice how the text is highlighted and yet it still only says “im eating”
      Google fail is always faked in a very obvious way and too many of them have been posted. Time for something new please.

    1. yes they are serious, after i read this i went to google to see if it showed up…lets just say i started laughing my ass off

    1. hi im daniel this is fucking serious someones eating dirt he’s probably mental so leave him alone! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  1. its a condition called pica, where people eat strange things to supply their body with nutrients and such that are missing from their diet

  2. that is possibly the freakiest thing on here…i had the strangest vision of what that looks like when i read that…disturbing… =/

  3. just type in something like:
    Can I (get)
    Do I have to
    What happens if

    can’t be faked if you type it in yourself ^^

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