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    1. Yep… not many people notice REALLY REALLY BAD SPELLING… cos they can’t themselves. LMAO

      Kudos to “Saint” and “jpimp” for letting you know 😀


    2. this is pretty bad my one of my female friends got “thug life” tatted on her stomach, but the guy spelled “thug” “tuhg” it is awful and awesome at the same time

  1. @Max She needed to do a spell check lol. I’ts C-O-N-Q-E-R up there. Would’ve made life easier to have “Conker” instead, more bad-ass!!

    1. You guys don’t even know what she looks like. Haha i bet she’s beat, that’s why she’s not showing her face.

    1. Because guys totally wear bras.
      You’re dumber than the girl who got that tattoo or the tattoo artist who did it!

  2. ummmmm… I realie that it is spelt wrong, but does the lettering also change from old english to some other style lol I can’t tell 100% and also no one else mentioned it…

    1. Look up Qatar. I’ll bet its 1.7 million inhabitants would disagree with you.

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