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  1. YES!!! and damn you to whoever posted this, beat me to it. Saw it on the news, expected to see it here. I have a version with the interview of the owner of the victim cars, sound is kind of bad though.

    1. sexist, did you know there is more females than males in colleges and high schools, get a life

    2. Maybe, but that doesn’t mean you females can drive. Every stupid easily avoidable driving fuck up I have ever seen has been a woman’s fault. And being that you obviously aren’t one of those females that attended high school or college…maybe you can just…shut the fuck up.

    3. please.. what Asian what women… it could be anyone in there.. stop being raciest and sexist! the driver could be drunk or something.. right?

    4. freakin sexist. yea it could be a woman yet it can also be a man yall arent better than us at driving and were not better than yall at driving and for someone else that commented freakin racist this world has so much discrimination maybe yall should all go watch to kill a mockinbird nd maybe read something having to do with the holocaust i bet you youve never heard of it since you have no life and are an idiot for being sexist one and two racist.

    5. i do too… i opend this up just to comment “this is why we shouldnt let wemon drive” lol nd actually most men know a thing or two bout cars just like wemon know a think or two about cloths

    6. It was a woman. Like BAZINGA said, I saw it on the news too. Too bad they caught her. It would have made it all the better.

    7. Jasmin. Please fail somewhere else, as this would increase the chances of you appearing on this site. Ofcourse there are more females in highschool. Just think. There are more women then men on this planet.

      This is not sexist. It’s reality. Women are meant to make babies, and men to drive cars and bring them candy and stuff.

    8. Statistically women do have more fender benders than men but men have more fatal accidents. I’ll take fender benders over death any day.

    9. Really what the fuck does it matter if it’s a guy or a girl get over selves its just a god dam video so fuck off u people really have nothing better to do but to comment if its a guy or a girl?

    1. i’m gonna bet it wasn’t a vendetta kind of thing, if it were me i certainly wouldn’t cause thousands in damage to my beamer for that kind of thing lol

    1. Give the person a break for driving ON TOP of someone else’s car and then driving away? Were you the driver or something?

    2. thats the problem with this world. you guys moan and cry about the smallest things. is this incident going to matter in a 100 years? or as matter of fact, in 10 years? look deep within yourself and realize that this is insignificant. look at the big picture

    3. It does matter to those people who have to pony up the money to fix there cars now that that homo wrecked their cars to shit and left. You’re obviously the type of pussy bitch that would drive off after you fucked up. You’re a failure.

    4. Really? What if there were people in those cars that were injured because this person is “only human”? Would it be acceptable to back up and drive away? I don’t know about you but I don’t have the money to pay for some idiot’s mistake. I try to take care of the things I own and not hurt other people’s property. Grow up and take some self responsibility. If this person cannot control a vehicle in a parking lot then they do not deserve to be on the road where they can harm pedestrians.

    5. Daniel, please tell me that you’re not serious. You realize that this drive drove ON TOP of someone else’s car. TWO other cars actually? Now, I realize by this point that you probably were the driver, but imagine instead that it was your car that had been totaled. I’m sure that you wouldn’t be saying to “give the person a break because they’re only human.”

    6. sigh… the world is a wonderful place guys. its best to forive and forget. be thankful no one was injured.
      just ask yourself, has your criticism ever helped you, made you feel better?

    7. daniel. are you retarted ?? yes we are human and all make mistakes. but after driving up on top of the cars the person just drove away… your a idiot.

    8. Yeah Dan..I admire the sentiment, but you are on the wrong site , this isn’t Epic jesus, or Epic Zen. And that only human was a Moron.

    9. to err is human, but to forgive is to be divine… love one another like you love yourselves.

      I’ve been in a car accident before, not the best part of my life. but you know what, my defense mechanism is that at least no one got seriously hurt… plus life is to valuable to just worry about material goods. I mean I’d feel pretty bad if my car was wrecked by some dude… but I’d move on and feel lucky that my car still works

    10. “love one another like you love yourselves.”

      Good point. How about “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.”
      In other words, I’m thinking the driver would be pretty pissed if someone drove onto his car and drove away.

      Seriously Daniel, how has someone as stupid as you survived?

    11. first of all, dont you dare call me stupid. I may not be better than you but I’m definitely equal to you. um… you dont know that the owner of the car is angry, he/she might be content and might feel lucky. so just accept that the world is full of diverse people with diverse ideas. I think life isn’t about worrying over the small things while you think that what happened here is the end of the world.

    12. Well my diverse idea is to call you an idiot for thinking that it’s okay to drive on top of someone’s car and then drive away. You may be equal to me, but not in brains.

      Seriously, you’re a dumbass.

    13. “give the person a break. were only human”
      Daniel, YOU are lower than an animal… and you are stupid… 🙂

    14. Honestly Daniel, you are such a douche. Trying to sound all deep and kind, when we all know your just being an annoying jackass. For one – the guy “Accidently” drove his car on TOP of someone elses car. that is INCREDIBLY stupid. Of course people are going to laugh at him and mock him, I mean who wouldn’t? Oh and about no one being hurt, yes that is a good thing about it, but it’s also a bit overly optimistic.I mean terrible things can happen to people withought them being physically injured. Theres more to life then just physical injury. Think of the owner of that car, they might not be able to afford a new one or even have insurance. It’s also not a small thing. That person might need that car, and the cost of getting a new one and getting it repaired could possibly cause a lot of problems for that person in years to come. So please Daniel, if you ever feel like making a stupid comment like that again then DON’T.

    15. its only after you lose things you value that you can truly be on happy. think about it. its kind of ironic how the material goods you value and love so much actually cause unhappiness when things like this occur. its so much better to live carefree and not worry about who does what to your car. at least your alive… its to bad that people have taken for granted life; just the awareness of you being alive today here and now is such a beautiful feeling. nothing else matters… not your house, your car, not your due dates, and other problems. just think, it could be lot worse and I have a life to live… at least I have that.

    16. DAMN you stupid fucks.! just let it go.! who givez a shyt if that dumbasss drove over two cars and left, he was stupid for doing it in the first place but fucken smart fer @ least TRYING to get away with it. i agree with daniel, yes this “human” waz bein dumb and the moment but NO ONE ABSOLUTELY NO ONE on this website iz perfect so get a grip bitchez and GIVE HIM A BREAK life iz life and you never noe if this person problably all of a sudden got destracted of a sharp pain so he/she pressed accelerator instead of brake

    17. i noe i did a lot of missplellingz and shyt but dont get on meh for it;; on this website;; spelling or grammar dont matter fer a holy fuck so dont hold it against meh;; lyk a lot uh ppl here;; i dont give a shyt unless itz annoying meh;; and it annoyed meh 2 c lyk 4 ppl get on daniel fer jus tryin 2 say sumtin nice;; tatz wat he getz fer bein a nice guy;; jeez ppl kan be such assholez theze dayz

    18. DAMN STUPID FUCKS! let it go! so this guy got a little absent minded and crashed two cars at once like a moron, that’s his problem. but leave daniel the fuck alone! he said what, one two three EIGHT words and now people are calling him dumb, a jackass and all kinds of dumb shit. ok, this dumb human was pretty retarded for crashing into 2 cars but he was a little smart for at least trying to get away with it, apperently he didn’t cuz it was caught on tape, but i mean, seriously who wants to pay for a car, NOBODY so you’re only normal if you try to get away with it. no one got hurt, maybe only their feelings GET A GRIP, at the time, running away was the only alternative think about it.


    19. You know what else you have daniel? a lack of brains. Seriously, you know for a FACT that you wouldn’t be saying this sh!t if it were your car that got destroyed. It’s easy for you to stand at a distance and say, “oh, he’s only human, it’s only a car,” but when that car is someone’s transportation to work, having that car destroyed because someone is ‘only human’ and decided to drive off after totalling not one but TWO cars is not exactly something that one says ‘oh well” to. And you know damn well that you wouldn’t say it if it were your car.

    20. yasmin, it is NOT normal or right to runaway from your crimes. YOU are just a bad person who is a waste to human society. if you think it is normal or right to drive away it is because you are accustomed to doing what is wrong, or you grew up in the ghetto. you sound like you’re black and you need to use spell check. ROFL! 🙂

      have a nice day you cunt 🙂

    21. Wow, seriously? Look at all of these replies to this! First off, just so you understand what this website is Daniel, this is a site DEDICATED to posting peoples accidental stupidity and other mistakes up for other’s enjoyment. This is a site where we look back on mistakes and bring light to crappy situations with comedy. Noone is perfect, and everyone has their own fails throughout their lifetime, so people enjoy seeing others go through situations just as bad or worse then their own. Is it a bad thing to take a stupid situation and get something good out of it? I mean I’m sure if the person that did this watched this video, he would probably get a kick out of it as well. When we start to put restrictions on what we can think is stupid or what is right or wrong…we become less and less individual, and more conformist. Here at Epic Fail, the general thought is: If you do something stupid…you FAIL. If you cannot agree with this, get off the site.

      It would be like going onto a cartoon website and telling everyone that cartoons are bad for you and take away time to do other things. It is a complete waste of time, and “insignificant” as you put it. What effect will you have on this site in a year, 2 years because of your comment? None Daniel, it will be exactly the same as it has always been. Enough said.

  2. I got rear-ended yesterday by someone who sped off. Fortunately another driver followed the loser and got his tag number. It is a normal impulse to want to avoid the consequences of our mistakes, but integrity is a measure of character, and this individual is obviously lacking in that department. Not worthy of much respect.
    A good ad for the offroad capabilities of the offendng vehicle, though.

    1. you would have tried to get away with it too, if no one was looking, which here was the case.

  3. Hey Daniel, you’re stupid. Don’t try to call people out. It’s the internet moron. What that person did is a douche bag move, it’s illegal and that not withstanding, it’s just a dick move.
    You would really damage someone else’s property and drive away without taking responsibility for your actions?
    You’re not only stupid, you’re a coward. A douche bag coward.

    1. i bet you wud hav done the same;; got away az long az you had a chance so dont try to emphasize that you’re a saint, no one iz;; i noe i wud hav;; but if i got caught on the spot i’d take it lyk a man;; even tho im a chik;; but still;; it duznt mean ima dick it jus meanz i dont wanna pay fer someone elses car even tho it waz my fault;; who carez;; the same way the other guy myt not uh had $$$ 2 pay fer damage;; the lady who crashed it myt uh had no money eithr so she did a semi-smart move and LEFT JUS LYK ANI OTHER HUMAN WUD HAV

    2. Ummm typing like a retard doesn’t make you look cute, it makes you look like a dumb bitch. then again, i think your point of view also makes you look like a dumb bitch.

  4. blam dude really you just called yasmin a bitch for what writing is iz instead of is.oo look i just spelled it iyt ooo im a bitch. everybody that left a mean comment to daniel and or yazmin yall all need to know that it was a comment not a disscussion. oh and ooo i spelled yall instead of you all

  5. oh yea forgot to say this this is epic fail all this arguin ov because daniel and yazmin posted the thoughts and yes im aware that i spelled yazmins name wrong im sorry for that i just didnt realize it until after i posted my comment

  6. How far has being passive gotten anybody if our ancestors were passive they would have been eaten i do believe in kindness but to justify this shit is ludicrous and you need to be on medication

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